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State and federal government have MP’s (members of parliament) but local government has ‘Councillors’ and a ‘Mayor’. In the City of Greater Bendigo, we are governed by 9 Councillors (one of which takes on the Mayor role each year)

Essentially, a Councillors role is to engage with their electorate and represent them (often through voting at meetings and community events). However the role does go beyond its primary function. Other elements include community leadership, participate in decision making and bridging the gap between the Community and the Local Council itself.

It’s not about what I want to change. Yes I may have my personal opinion on matters however the role is about engaging the community and representing them in decision making; not myself.

After a decade of engaging with our community, visit MY MISSION to read where the change can occur.

The local government electorate of Bendigo is split into 3 big area’s. Lockwood, Eppalock and Whipstick wards. The Whipstick ward itself is named after the Forrest that dominates the landscape in northern corridor of the City of Greater Bendigo’s dominion.

The Whipstick Ward includes the localities of Ascot, Avonmore, Bagshot, Bagshot North, Barnadown, Bendigo, California Gully, Drummartin, Eaglehawk, Eaglehawk North, East Bendigo, Elmore, Epsom, Fosterville, Goornong, Hunter, Huntly, Huntly North, Ironbark, Jackass Flat, Kamarooka, Long Gully, Neilborough, North Bendigo, Raywood, Sebastian, Wellsford, Whipstick, White Hills, and Woodvale.

Thats a tough one to answer. Best way to figure out is to visit the link below and have a look for yourself


The elections occur every four years. The next election will be later this year. 

The City of Greater Bendigo’s 2020 election will be a postal vote. This entails everyone who is registered to vote in the electorate being mailed out election information, a ballot paper and a envelope to return your vote.

You will have approximately 2-3 weeks from receiving your ballot to voting and mailing it back. Voting is compulsory.

Here are some key dates:

September 17: Nominations open

September 22: Nominations close

October 23: Close of postal voting

October 24: Election Day

November 23: Official declaration 

If you ask me, there’s no room for party politics in local government. Some people will declare their affiliation with a political party however when it comes to performing the role and strategic direction of the council, a candidate should be focusing on what Bendigo needs and representing all its citizens and not what a State or Federal political group is directing them to represent and do.

Historically candidates have stayed neutral and left their personal preference at the door however in 2016 the Greens party had a candidate in each ward declare their affiliation with their party. 

Well who do you vote for? I swing

The easiest question of them. Contact me.

From there we can discuss what you’d like to get involved with and how we can make that happen.

Furthermore, I’m easily accessible via social media platforms.


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